One Sport Per State


I love this infographic from Slate on assigning just one sport for each state without duplicating. Ohio, my home state, got cornhole! Obviously other sports are pretty popular here, like high school football (they gave that to Texas) and basketball (Indiana), but cornhole is a staple in Ohio and many give us credit for at least bringing it to the forefront and helping spread the game (if you ask others, they’ll say Ohio invented it- that’s debatable). Known simply as “bags” in other places, you can find cornhole in leagues and at all kinds of parties and bars in the buckeye state.

I was surprised they didn’t assign white water rafting to West Virginia, but most of the states made total sense to me. It’s cool how many states are known for a particular sport despite there not being physical or geographic reasons behind it (like there is with skiing, which requires mountains and snow), like wrestling in Iowa, high school basketball in Indiana, and horse racing in Kentucky. When I think track and field, I do think of Oregon, and same with lacrosse and Maryland. And who knew D.C. started the World Adult Kickball Association? Personally, I am concerned about the increasing popularity of kickball because some members of my company softball team have mentioned wanting to do kickball instead! Baseball is as American as apple pie and I enjoy the tradition.

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